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What Our College Station Patients Say

At Wellness with Dr. Dan we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Amazing Visit

This was an amazing visit! I’ve not had pleasant experiences in the past with chiropractic visits, however, this appointment today has changed my mind. Dr. Young and Dana were very friendly, welcoming and informative. I would highly recommend this practice.

Karen V.

I Felt Immediate Improvement

I have been to several different chiropractors over the years. Dr. Young did a great job explaining why she adjusted me the way she did, which was reassuring and fascinating. Afterward, I felt immediate improvement! Dana may be the friendliest front desk person alive! What a blessing she is to anyone’s day. The massage therapist, Jennifer, is a treasure to the office and the missing link to what getting adjusted should always be like. Wow, has that been missing from my life! She has to be the best massage therapist around. How many Dr. Visits do you look forward to and leave feeling better than you came?

-Nick M.

Dr. Young was Very Nice

I was greeted with a smile and a hello by the lady at the front desk. Dr. Young was very nice and explained everything to me. I felt good after my session and am looking forward to my next visit on Monday. I have my Daughter to thank for referring Dr. Young to me.

-Jeanne B.

My First Visit was Wonderful

I am so happy to get some relief from my pain and stress. I have been taking care of my husband for the past 9-10 months and I needed to feel better so that I can continue caregiving. Dr. Young and Dana were very helpful. My first visit was wonderful and I appreciate getting the help I needed.

-Janie R.

Love It!

Loved it! After holding the feeling of something is not right in my body (I eat excellent, so where else could the problem lay?) and having Dr. Dan figure out that my hip had been worn and twisted, it brought tears to my eyes. Just having that addressed has helped me so much, its given me inspiration, and a new focus on health. I encourage everyone to visit and get adjusted! You never know where it could lead, a blessing to have had it done myself.

-Kyra S.


I wished I would have come in sooner. Dr. Dan was exceptional, immediately when I stood upright I could tell a difference. He is very informative, sincere and a man of God. The light definitely shines in his office. I am looking forward on the journey to optimal health, thanks to Dr. Dan.

-Jade H.

My Son Really Likes Dr. Dan

My son really liked Dr. Dan, and not only carefully listened to instructions from the doctor, he implemented them right away. He instilled confidence in my son, and his words made my son want to eat better and be faithful to his exercises.

-Kylie T.

Excellent Environment

Excellent environment, wait time, quality, and customer service. Many thanks!

-Ment T.


I love coming to Dr. Dan’s office because he’s amazing! He offers real treatment—the best medicine.

-Jeanne A.

Thorough Assessment

Dr. Dan is very thorough in his assessment. I felt at ease talking about my problems, and he made me feel an equal in treatment decisions. I will, and have, recommended him to my friends.

-Alice L.

Always Positive

Dr. Dan is always so positive and helpful in dealing with my aches and pains. I always feel better after I leave Dr. Dan both mentally and physically. He has great advice on improving my health and well-being.

-Dottie Dee A.

Great Experience

My experience was great. I feel great and will definitely return.

-Brandon M.

Time Taken To Explain Everything

Dr. Dan explained what was going on and I’m so hopeful and thankful that I found him! He did not rush me through the appointment, he took time to explain everything. I’m looking forward to being without pain!

-Kathy W.


Dr. Dan was very honest with me and told me every step of the way what he was going to do to help me ease my pain and stress level.

-Pat S.


I really like Dr. Dan and I feel very comfortable with him. He takes a lot of time to explain things to me and I feel he can help me. I love going to see him and the office staff is very nice.

-Jennifer L.


I have two children who have had wonderful experiences with Dr. Dan, both were skeptical, but can’t argue with the positive results. My son has especially had great results recently with overcoming a groin injury. My daughter is just starting her treatment but feels like she is already healing after just one visit.

-Victoria D.

Headache and Back Pain Free

Dr. Dan has been a true God send to my family. When my oldest daughter started having severe back pain and headaches in high school a friend referred us to Dr. Dan. She was growing taller really quick, with regular visits he was able to get her pain free. No matter whats going on in your body, he knows and can fix it. He has become a regular in our lives. He is also a great positive ray of light just when you need that little extra boost of “it’s all going to be ok!”

-Michelle W. College Station. TX

I no longer experience severe headaches!

Our family has been going to Dr. Dan for well over a year. I struggled with severe headaches that could sometimes send me to urgent care due to their side effects. Since going to Dr. Dan, I no longer experience these severe headaches! It’s important to me to be proactive in taking care of our health instead of waiting until our bodies are run down and we become ill and then have to do something about it. I appreciate knowing about my overall health and my children’s health as well. Kids can be rough on their bodies with playing, growing, coughing and colds and Dr. Dan takes care of them! My son also struggles with ear infections and we have been able to be proactive with adjustments to help his ears drain.

-Megan B., College Station. TX

An uplifting experience!

A visit to Dr. Dan is not just an adjustment…it’s an uplifting experience! All the staff is friendly, professional and engaged. My body thanks me with every visit. No matter how I walk in – from needing minor tune up to needing an overhaul – I know I will leave with enormous relief and greater freedom. Thank you Dr. Dan!

-Sharon P., College Station, TX

Dr. Dan is AWESOME

Dr. Dan is AWESOME in every way. He makes me feel better physically. He builds me up emotionally. He gives me positive reinforcement on progress I’ve made. He helps me find ways to improve my life through healthier life choices – not always about the physicality but the whole body-mind-spirit connection that centers the spine and is all so very important. And he does it all with such a genuine kindness of spirit. He does my soul good!

-Cathy G., College Station, TX


I am a believer in Dr. Dan! I have been a “regular” in his office for over 5 years and have benefitted greatly under his care. Dr. Dan has successfully treated my back pain, digestion issues, sinus headaches, and postpartum anxiety. I now bring my 12 month old son to Dr. Dan for ear adjustments. My son was on the road to getting ear tubes due to frequent infections. He has not suffered from one infection since Dr. Dan started adjusting him. Success!

-Amy B., College Station, TX

I appreciate all his help

About 10 years ago, Dr. Dan was recommended to me as someone who could help me with my back pain from an old auto accident. I appreciated that he uses the advanced activator method, so that he works on the needed areas without having to do a lot of cracking and popping which often left me more sore than when I came in. He also likes to treat the whole person, discussing plenty of water, healthy eating, and general stress removal from daily life. I appreciate all his help as I’ve needed it this last 10 years. Thanks for contributing to my overall health, Dr. Dan!

-Janice M., College Station, TX

Better results with longer-lasting benefits

Dr. Dan has provided me with a tremendous amount of stress and muscle pain relief in a short time frame of visiting him. I was skeptical at first as I was used to a more traditional form of chiropractic. However, I have seen better results with longer-lasting benefits while going to Dr. Dan. I have recommended him numerous times to others – especially my “stressed out mom” friends.

-Shelley V., College Station, TX

Dr. Dan has been essential to my health

I’ve been coming to Dr. Dan for several years. He has been essential to my health. I have severe back pain at times and other doctors haven’t been able to help at all. When I can barely walk, I come to Dr. Dan and feel 99% better! I can hardly walk into his office, but walk out easily and can carry on with my normal routines. He has been an angel and an answer to prayer. I highly recommend him.

-Carmen O., College Station, TX

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